Brazil Music Exchange

Brazil Music ExchangeBrazil is not a country that you can describe in one sentence. The word variety has to have been invented somewhere and the Brazilian music scene is still predominantly influenced by the roots of African, Indian and European music from the last century with western pop music has gaining more significance in recent times.

Brazil is territorially split into many extremely differing areas all with their own corresponding musical centres. Brazilian artists have an incredible scope to present and experiment within their own country

Nonetheless many Brazilian artists yearn for stages afar. There is a large worldwide interest in all genres of Brazilian music. On the other side of the coin there are great possibilities waiting for international artists from Europe and North America in Brazil. Huge festivals and an interesting and well organised club scene spanning the entire country open up great opportunities.

The Brazil Music Exchange was founded to support the international exchange of Brazilian artists. We are proud to represent this organisation in Europe. If you are interested in artist exchange, tours, releases or contact between the Brazilian music scene and Europe then please get in contact with us.

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