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What on earth do the following have in common? Berlin’s district of Pankow, metal band Knorkator, the Sogenannte Anarchistische Musikwirtschaft and Brazilian music.
At first glance not a lot, but take heed! The boundaries of life are sometimes indefinable and you should always go with your first instincts.
Welcome to pankow entertainment!


KnorkatorBerlin’s Knorkator are an enigmatic and extraordinary band that masterfully and exquisitely combines mischievous antagonistic hardcore metal with subtle classical elements. Their live performances are legendary, bizarre roller coasters with a colourful motley crew of styles.

Sogenannte Anarchistische Musikwirtschaft

Sogenannte Anarchistische MusikwirtschaftOompah Music and World Revolution – let’s have a drink after the revolution.

The Sogenannte Anarchistische Musikwirtschaft new music and passion – surprising, precise and tight.